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5 gift wrapping techniques that will impress anyone


Who doesn’t love being given a gift? And if it’s also thoughtfully wrapped, all the more pleasure! It truly adds extra sentiment and meaning. This new year aviance has a special selection of gifts for you to share with your loved ones. Why not make it a bit more extraordinary with these gift wrapping technics that will surely set your present apart and impress the receiver.


1. The Furoshiki Fabric Wrap

The art of gift wrapping has been a part of Japanese culture since the 17th century. It includes various applications for wrapping gifts of all different shapes and sizes, and is especially known for making use of spare cloth. For a Thai touch, local indigo tie-dye cloth can be nicely adapted. This technique is perfect for wrapping the aviance Sake Natural Set that offers Japanese style natural beauty with its Sake Body Wash and Sake Body Lotion. It truly makes for a warm and awe-inspiring gift.




2. The Newspaper Parcel

Don’t dismiss the idea just yet, we aren’t suggesting picking any old page or worse, choosing a page from the crime section for shock value. Instead, make a selection from a tasteful and classy edition with distinctive typography and color contrast. It’ll give you a smooth, even, modern feel which fits flawlessly with the aviance Intensive Age Defense Revitalizing C2G Set  with its silver shine, accentuating the gift’s innovative technology that keeps your skin looking ageless.



3. The Designer Bag

Make your regular four-cornered box extraordinary by placing it in an illustrated bag by your favorite designer. Mix it up and make it a work of art by choosing an old-time printed image as a card to write your well-wishes. It makes for the perfect gift when paired with aviance C2G Absolute White Beauty Box with its endearing hand-drawn package. This compact beauty box designed to help your skin blush bright with an extra aura will delight anyone!



4. The Only One in the World

If you’re one to create your own magic, try this fun D.I.Y idea that goes well with the Ultimate Youth Diamond Cream made from particles of gold that miraculously turn back the years for your skin. Grab a blank sheet of paper and make something spectacular. You can even get your wee-one to help out. Be creative and design it whichever way you want, splash it with color, or add decorative masking tape. Rest assured, there won’t be any other gift box quite like yours.



5. The Mason Jar Glass

Think out of the box, literally, for this one. Why not grab a color-tinted glass mason jar and fill it with Beyonde Maqui Plus ready-to-drink refresher shots? Good health is the gift that keeps on giving. For the final touch, seal the cork top and wrap around artisan ribbons and artificial foliage such as berries, fern leaves, or even sea shells for an earthy and wholesome feel.



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