Get Ahead in Life for Your Best Year Ever!


Ladies of this new generation work just as hard as men. Especially when stepping into the New Year, we want to get ahead in life even more. But things aren’t always easy, right? How do you succeed in work and life to the fullest? Well, let’s check out these secret strategies and have an intense review session before stepping into the real battlefield of life. Which style are you? Let’s have your strategy planned accordingly!



A tough, confident, and independent woman who likes to think out-of-the-box.

ROLE MODEL : Beautiful, yet even more intelligent women, like Emma Watson

DRESS CODE : You don’t have to always be in shabby clothing to live and work an active lifestyle. Try to revamp your look. Try searching for a premium quality jean jacket and make it your go-to work attire. Cut your hair short or make a perfect tight ponytail. Simply add a small gimmick to it by using stylish ribbons or hair ties and put on a bright color lipstick.

WORK MODE : Instead of normal boring written documents, try presenting your work by using a mind map, which is very likely to make communication easier. We know that you like to do everything yourself, but this year, try to spread out the workload to your team, and don’t forget to use kind words to ask them for favors instead of giving them orders. Also, try to always open up to senior employee suggestions. If you can do it, your smooth work life is guaranteed!



A classic woman who loves perfection.

ROLE MODEL : Famous models, like Kendall Jenner

DRESS CODE : You are the mother of delicacy and meticulousness. Your outfit seems to be very laid-back but in reality you have given it careful thought. Flat color apparel with an artful and unique tailoring will make you more attractive than colorful apparel.

WORK MODE : Your plan is always huge and the image is your first priority. Workwise, this year you should try to plan even bigger than you usually do. Go internationally. Look for new clients, partners and new market channels. Do a lot of research and always consult the specialists. After all the hard work, don’t forget to reward yourself with Intensive Age Defense Revitalizing C2G, retain your youthfulness and perfect your skin to the fullest.




A fashionista who is always ahead of trends.

ROLE MODEL : A glamorous girl, like Marion Cotillard.

DRESS CODE : A fashionista like you indeed is advanced in trends, but don’t forget to make sure that your clothing is suitable for the occasion you are in. There are many times that you are likely to embarrass yourself because you are way too overdressed. Instead of building good impressions, you are being made fun of by your peers behind your back. Try going easy with heavy make-up and instead add natural brightness to your skin with Absolute White Brightening C2G.

WORK MODE : Train yourself to look ahead into the future. If your job requires you to meet people frequently, this year you must be more diligent and thoughtful. Take into account all parties when you are making your plans. Occasionally misunderstandings might occur. The best way to avoid confusion is to use email or other means that enable you to have reference for later as a means of communication; never rely on verbal communication alone.



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